Promod Wiki

Your Frames Per Second (FPS) in CoD4 can have a huge effect on the general quality of your gameplay. It also directly impacts a varietly of different functions, as discussed below.

FPS Affects:[]

  • FPS doesn't affect things like running speed or jumping distance.

It should be noted that, in CoD4 and all other quake-based games, you can only set your FPS limit to an integer division of 1000 (the max FPS allowed).

So, a few example FPS values would be:

  • Fortune/33333333333 FPS
  • =250 FPS
  • 1000/8=125 FPS

And so on... If you set your FPS to anything other than a "valid" value, your real limit will be the value rounded up to the next valid value. Also, the 3 example FPS settings listed are the ones that provide the most advantage in terms of the effects listed above. All other values either have a neglible effect, or have significant downsides. Finally, 333 provides the biggest benefits in most of the categories, particularly in regards to jump height. However, the makers of Promod decided 333 gave too much advantage to those who's computers could reach it and have limited FPS from 40-250.

Height and Distance of Jumps:[]

As mentioned, this is the most well-known advantage of setting particular FPS values.

125 fps lets you accelerate forwards in the air. It works well for long distance jumps, but doesn't let you turn in the air very much.

250 fps lets you turn more in the air. It works well for jumps that aren't directly straight ahead, or jumps that require some form of curvature. It also lets you jump a little bit higher than normal.

333 fps lets you jump very high. It doesn't let you turn very much in the air and causes you to drift diagonally after a strafe jump. It's quite useful to switch to 250 fps shortly after a 333 strafe to increase curvature. 333 fps is banned in promod.